Maintain an Idealized Landscape with Property Care in Connecticut and New York

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The image displays a traditional two-story white house with green shutters, surrounded by lush greenery, manicured lawn, and bright sunshine.
A person is tending to a bush wearing gloves, with a focused expression. A house with white siding and windows is in the background.
A large planter filled with vibrant purple tulips and multicolored pansies in front of a white door with decorative glass panels and a plaque.
Four people in green uniforms are landscaping in front of a house with stone elements. They are planting, tending to vegetation, and using garden tools.
A white wooden pergola casts shadows over a vibrant array of red and pink roses, with lush green foliage and a clear blue sky.
Outdoor landscaping background image
Two white Adirondack chairs with yellow-patterned pillows are placed on a neatly trimmed green lawn, with lush greenery and a house in the background.